Electricity Network Connection Request

Installation Type
Supply at Point of Demarcation (Property Boundary)


- Early application will avoid any delays.
- In some instances legal requirement of 15 working days notification is required prior to construction.
- A written response to this application providiing relevant information will be forwarded as soon as requirements have been established. Please ensure that your electrical contractor has this information before work is undertaken.
- EA Networks shall determine the point of supply demarcation at the property boundary together with any other special requirements.
- Electricity mains to new installations in urban areas shall be underground.
- All new rural HV distribution lines/cables shall be insulated at 22,000 volts irrespective of operating voltage unless special conditions apply.
- The installation power factor shall not be less than an average of 0.95 lagging across the whole supply and will be subject to audit from time to time.
- Where a maximum current limitation is imposed this will be subject to audit.