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Our Electricity Network

EA Networks owns, operates and manages nearly 3,000km of electricity lines across the Mid-Canterbury district.

Network Capacity
EA Networks distribution lines have a variety of different capacities, dependent upon local demands and geographical considerations. Operating voltages include 66kV (66,000 volts), 33kV, 22kV, 11kV and 400V.

Rural Network Capacity
The rural distribution network configuration is predominantly long radial overhead feeders. The network does have some interconnection to adjacent feeders and substations. This arrangement is largely driven by economics and is the method of supplying rural consumers that offers best value at acceptable levels of reliability.
Typically, the capacity of a rural feeder is limited by voltage drop and not the thermal rating of the conductors.

Urban Network Capacity
The urban 11kV distribution network is based upon a similar principle to the rural arrangement however the network is largely underground cable, the interconnections are more frequent, and the overall feeder lengths are significantly shorter.
Generally the capacity of urban feeders is thermally constrained by the maximum current rating of the underground cable.





Rural Network Harmonics Standard      

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