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EA Networks

(The trading name of Electricity Ashburton Limited)




Tel: 0800 430 460 (within New Zealand)

Tel: (03) 307 9800

General Outages

Please contact your electricity retailer

General enquiries

Office and deliveries:     

22 JB Cullen Drive
Ashburton Business Estate


Private Bag 802
Ashburton 7740
New Zealand


Tel: 0800 430 460 (within New Zealand)

Tel: (03) 307 9800

Fax: (03) 307 9801


Your feedback


We are always interested in your views and welcome your feedback. Let us know what we are doing well and what we can do better - your feedback is important to us.  

   Online feedback

As a customer of EA Networks you have the right to expect quality service and support at all times. If you have a complaint or problem including land access we want to know so that we can fix it. Our staff are committed to treating all communications with customers seriously and reaching resolutions as quickly as possible. 

Please contact EA Networks directly or complete the online feedback form to register your concerns. 

We have a free and formal complaints process (download). If you make a complaint our aim is to keep you informed of how your complaint is progressing throughout the process. If at any point you are concerned please contact us directly.


Utilities Disputes Ltd

If we have not been able to resolve your complaint, it is said to have reached 'deadlock'. If your complaint reaches deadlock you can take it to the Utilities Disputes Ltd for free and independent assistance.

EA Networks is a member of the Utilities Disputes Ltd scheme.  To find out more about the Utilities Disputes Ltd Scheme and the process for registering a complaint with the Utilities Disputes Ltd, please use the contact details provided below.

You must take your complaint to the Utilities Disputes Ltd within 2 months. 

      Freepost 192682
      PO Box 5875
      Lambton Quay
      Wellington 6140 

      Freephone: 0800 22 33 40
      Freefax:     0800 22 33 47




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