Network capacity upgrade

Higher voltage across Ashburton

Our region has an ever-increasing demand for electricity. This means that the need for greater resilience of the assets required to operate at higher levels is also growing. Essentially, we need to deliver more power further out across our region and continue to do so reliably and with greater resilience.

Increased network capacity

Our distribution network has historically had a variety of different capacities, which were based on the demands and landscape of particular areas. Now, we primarily operate 66kV (66,000 volts), 22kV and our urban low volt 400V, giving us the ability to deliver energy at the levels demanded in most parts of Mid Canterbury.

Keeping the lights on in Ashburton

A more secure network is the key benefit of the new 66kV transformer installation project which commenced in September of 2018. Running a new underground cable, from the Ashburton Substation to the town boundary on Beach Road, provides the area with a more reliable supply than the 33kV line previously used.

It also improves the aesthetics in the area with the sizable cable being kept out of sight. This was a major project with the cable component alone costing over $2M.

We understand the inconvenience this installation may have caused local residents and appreciate their patience throughout this large project.