Check whether you could be paying less for electricity.

At EA Networks, we spend a lot of time thinking about electricity and how we can deliver it reliably and efficiently to you. We also want to help you find the best prices available.

What does your Powerswitch Leaderboard look like? 

Find out if you are on the best plan for your household. Consumer Powerswitch provides consumers with a free and independent price comparison. It’s quick and it’s easy.  Visit www.powerswitch.org.nz to create your own Powerswitch leaderboard.


What is Powerswitch? 

Powerswitch is a free service that helps you work out which power company and pricing plan is best for you. Using their comprehensive database of electricity and gas prices, it's easy to compare plans and find the cheapest deal in your area.

Powerswitch takes the information you provide about your pattern of electricity and gas use, and information from your bill (if you provide it), and estimates how much energy you will use in a year.

Using this estimate, the website compares the different pricing plans available to you and identifies the cheapest. Results also include prompt and electronic payment discounts.

Powerswitch is designed to provide comparisons for primary residences, not businesses or holiday homes.