Faults / outages

Please report any general outages to your electricity retailer

Preparing for an outage

Have you thought about what your backup plan would be if you didn't have power for several hours, days or even weeks? We prioritise restoring power outages as quickly as possible, but there can be instances when we are unable to do this due to the extent and severity of the event.

Taking the following steps will help prepare you to get through an outage comfortably and safely:

  • If you are medically dependent on the continued supply of electricity, you need an emergency plan. Obtain medical advice and inform your electricity retailer.
  • Keep a torch and spare batteries handy. To reduce the risk of fire, we don't recommend the use of candles during a power outage.
  • Have a battery powered radio (with spare batteries available).
  • Keep your mobile phone well charged and consider purchasing a battery pack charger.
  • Ensure you have a non-electrical heating source and a barbecue or gas cooker for cooking.
  • Know the location of your main switch to isolate electricity from your premises.
  • If you rely on electricity for essential business operations, ensure you have an alternative power source such as a generator available for use during a power outage.

Civil Defence provides detailed information on how you and your family can be ready to cope in a crisis and we suggest you take a moment to follow their advice.