Vegetation management

Vegetation Regulations

The purpose of tree regulations is to protect the safety of the public and the security of electricity supply by:

  • Prescribing minimum distances between power lines and trees.
  • Establishing who is responsible for cutting or trimming trees close to power lines.
  • Outlining rules and penalties if the regulations are not complied with.
  • Providing an arbitration system to resolve disputes.

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Tree planting program

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The dangers

The risk of children climbing trees near power lines poses a great safety risk. Trees and branches can fall on power lines causing power disruption and fires. Cutting and trimming trees near power lines can result in serious injury or death.

EA Networks provides a free expert service to advise you on your cutting requirements and for your safety. Please contact us for more information.

Rob Dickie – Vegetation Access Coordinator
0800 430 460

Alternatively, please visit our Trees near power lines page for more information about safely managing vegetation near power lines.