The connection process

Step 1 - Obtain an energy supply contract with an electricity retailer
We have an agreement with electricity retailers which allows them to deliver and sell electricity via our network to you.  So we need confirmation that you have agreed to buy electricity from an electricity retailer. 

Step 2 - Making a connection application
To make a connection application you will need some information, including:

  • contact details including an email address
  • the address of the connection
  • electrical requirements at the property must include phase (one, two or three), capacity (eg 60 or 100 amps) etc
  • the connection use (eg residential, factory, irrigation)
    your electricity retailer and your electricity retailer customer number.
  • as electrical information is required you may not be able to complete the connection application without expert advice. We suggest you talk to your electrician about this information or get your electrician to apply for a connection on your behalf.

If you have any queries about the process or questions as you apply online, please call us on 03 307 9800. When you have completed your application, we will email you a reference number and confirm what you need to do next.

Step 3 - The connection contract
A separate connection contract is not required for most new home connections. Generally, once we receive your completed application form we will confirm and approve your connection capacity in writing.

For larger or more complex new connections we will require a connection contract. After we have determined your specific requirements, we will create an agreement outlining the connection's required capacity and other relevant legal requirements.

Step 4 - Certificate of compliance
Your electrician must, by law, provide you with a certificate of compliance for your connection. For a new electrical installation this includes proof of electrical inspection. The certificate of compliance is evidence that the work complies with the Electricity Act 1992, relevant regulations and codes of practice.

A copy of the certificate of compliance will need to be provided to an EA Networks' authorised contractor (livening agent).  Our Connections and Livening Guide for Low Voltage Electricity Installations may be relevant to your electrician and builder as it provides information on good working practices when preparing low voltage installations for connection or reconnection.

Step 5 - Connection with EA Networks 
An EA Networks' authorised livening agent will connect your property to the EA network.