The connection process

Getting connected to our network
Getting connected to our network generally involves two key steps: 

  1. Getting power to the boundary or specific connection point on your property (such as a pivot on your farm).
  2. Getting an ICP (Installation Control Point) livened, which involves us communicating with your electricity retailer of choice.

No power at the boundary?
If you don't currently have power to your boundary, we'll need to work through the following steps with you: 

  1. Complete a site visit / check to understand what is needed to get power to your required connection point. 
  2. Prepare a new power design and quote for your power supply.
  3. Schedule the installation of your new power supply. 

Getting power to the boundary or your chosen connection point is half the work. If you want to use electricity at this point, we need to engage with your electricity retailer to get your connection livened. If you are needing the electricity switched on, make sure you select 'yes', to "Do you need an ICP Connection" and complete the additional information in our form so we can get this organised for you.

Please Note: Timeframes for new power supplies can vary depending on the complexity of the work. The best approach is to get your application in to us as early as possible within the development project. 

Power is at the boundary
Once we have power to your boundary or specific connection point, we'll work with your chosen electricity retailer to get the power switched on. 

You'll need to provide specific information about the type of connect you need, so we can share this with your electricity retailer. 

If you have purchased a property that already has power to the boundary, you will still need to complete our network connection form so we have the right information to get the power switched on for you. Select 'yes' when you are asked if power is to the boundary and we'll know exactly what we need to do, to get you up and running as quickly as possible. The key steps are: 

  1. Seek approval from your selected retailer
  2. Schedule the site inspection and livening
  3. Let your retailer know that the site is ready for use

Our online form
You can find our online form here.

If you have any questions, you can call us on 0800 430 460