Unclaimed Shares FAQs

How do I know if I have unclaimed shares?

You can check our unclaimed shares register here to find out if you have unclaimed shares.

What if I am still connected to the network?

EA Networks is supplied information from the retailers concerning who is connected to the network. When you switch retailers (electricity companies) the new retailer may record your information differently from the last retailer. For example, one retailer may record your name as J Blog and another one as J.B. Blog. When a new retailer records your name differently we may not be able to match our records with the information that your new retailer has sent us. In order to be able to match the records we need you to complete the information requested in this letter.

The power account is in joint names and we are no longer living together.

You may apply for a refund of 50% of the shares value, or 100% of the shares value. When 100% of the shares value are refunded you, you are responsible for paying your ex-partner their 50% of the share value.

I have power of attorney or I am an executive of the estate.

You can apply for a refund of the shares. In order to process the refund we will require a copy of the power of attorney or executive of the estate documents.

Can I just send you an email to get the shares refunded?

Yes. In order to refund the shares we will need your shareholder number, your bank account or address that you would like the shares refunded to and your address that you were living at in the Ashburton District.

The shares were in my business name which is no longer trading, can I have the shares transferred to me?

No. Under EA Networks constitution shares cannot be transferred to another person. They must be sold back to EA Networks.