The benefits of fibre

Fibre broadband is no longer the future of high speed internet, it's here in Mid Canterbury and our network is growing.

Key benefits of switching to fibre broadband:

  • Faster download speeds (typically 3 times or more)
  • Dramatically faster upload speeds (typically 10 times or more)
  • Improved reliability due to the removal of inconsistencies associated with copper cable for data transmission
Fibre for your home
  • Consistent online video and on demand TV services (Netflix, YouTube, Lightbox, etc)
  • Remote cloud backup and data sharing
  • Lower cost and more flexible telephone (VOIP) and video calling services
Fibre for your farm
  • Fast and reliable online banking, payroll and tax returns
  • Remotely sync irrigators, GPS units and dairy shed metrics to your home computer
  • Attract quality staff with first-rate amenities
  • Keep international staff connected by through streamed content and video calling capabilities
Fibre for your business
  • Improved information and data flow
  • High definition (HD) quality video conferencing
  • Enablement of internet based backup systems for much larger amounts of data
  • Increased reliability
  • Fast and cost effective access to remote computing resources (such as Cloud services)
  • Improved voice communication capabilities at lower costs by utilising Internet calling services (VOIP)

Get connected: