2023/24 Consumer Discount

EA Networks annual consumer discount pool has been set at $3.0 million, excluding GST. It is EA Networks intention to pay and allocate the consumer discount pool in accordance with the “Consumer Discount Methodology for the financial year ended 31 March 2024”. 

Consumer Discount Methodology 

Unclaimed Shares

Periodically we review our share register to locate shareholders who have ceased to have an active electricity connection within the Ashburton District. Shareholders who have ceased transacting with EA networks are required to surrender their shares in accordance with the company’s constitution.

If you have previously held a shareholding with EA Networks and have moved out of the Mid Canterbury District, please fill out our Unclaimed Shares Refund Application

You can also check our register of unclaimed shares here, or contact us on 0800 430 460 or email us at find out more.