Our power network

EA Networks owns, operates and manages nearly 3,000km of electricity lines across the Mid Canterbury district.

Get connected to our power network

Whether you are building a new residential or business premise, or looking to alter the size of your existing connection, you'll need to complete our network connection form to help us understand how we can help. 

The form covers things like:

  • getting power to the boundary or your building your site
  • getting more power to specific areas of your farm or rural property
  • getting power connected so you can start using electricity
  • subdividing land
  • requesting an underground conversion
  • altering the size of your connection.

We generally suggest you speak with your electrician prior to commencing the form, or you can get them to complete this on your behalf. 


Get connected

Current Outages

See our updated list of current planned outages in our region. 

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Electricity retailers

Find out which electricity retailers operate on our network.

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Trees near power lines

If you see a tree touching a power line, or any other hazard, please contact us.

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