Cable location

Are you planning a project which requires excavation? It's best to plan ahead and use a cable location services to check what's underground before you dig.

Whether you're a homeowner wanting to lay a new driveway or a contractor installing new pipes along a street, you should always check underground cables before you start any new project.

This can help ensure that not only will you avoid damaging underground power services, you can also help ensure the safety of anyone working on your project.

Examples of projects which require cable location services:

  • Road or footpath restoration works
  • Maintenance on existing underground assets
  • Designing or building new underground assets
  • Building a new fence
  • Laying a new driveway
  • New subdivision or development planning
  • Cultivation of a paddock (underground lines can often be found under rural land, particularly if close to roads).

Before you dig, please visit to obtain information on the location of cables, pipes and other utility assets in and around your proposed dig site.