Get connected

Getting the power connected

If you have recently moved home and need to get the power connected, you'll first need to contact an electricity retailer and connect with them as a customer.

They will then contact EA Networks on your behalf to get the power connected to your home or business.

If you previously had an account with an electricity retailer, you can arrange for this to be transferred to your new home, all you need to do is give your retailer your new ICP Number (found on your new meter box).

Request a new electricity connection

New Power Supply - Connection Process

  1. First, we need to check if a suitable power supply is available to your property. Just because a pole or service box is near your boundary, does not mean it is suitable for your installation.
  2. If power is not readily available, we will provide a new power design and quotation for your power supply. 
  3. Next you will need to complete an EA Networks Electricity Network Connection Application or request for your electrician to complete this on your behalf. Please note: you may need to contact your electrician to assist with completing this form as they will have details of you requirements.
  4. Lastly, you will need to register your new connection by contacting an electricity retailer who will provide all necessary documentation to complete your connection request. 

Once EA Networks receives your completed Electricity Network Connection Application, we will make contact, advise you of connection costs and confirm details.

Connection Agreement

Make sure you read our New Connections and Extensions Policy which outlines our relationship and roles and responsibilities when you connect to our network.