Get connected

Connect to fibre

Connecting is simple:
  1. Contact one of our fibre retailers to order a connection. 
  2. The retailer will contact us to confirm your connection order.
  3. EA will contact you to make a site visit, confirm your connection and discuss costs.
  4. EA will make a booking to install fibre to your property.
  5. Your fibre will be installed and switched on. 

Then you're ready to go!

How much will it cost to connect?

In order to estimate your connection costs, we'll need to make a visit to your address. Costs depend on a number of factors, including the distance between your home or business and our fibre network cables.

EA subsidises the cost of new fibre connections, as an investment in the Mid Canterbury economy and community.

What will my monthly internet usage cost?

Fibre retailers set charges for broadband and telephone services, please contact your retailer for details and pricing.

Who do I contact if I need help or if there is a connection problem?

If you need any help with your connection, contact your fibre retailer.

How do I get an ultra-fast connection if my property is not on the EA fibre network?

If our fibre cables do not run directly past your property and you are interested in having fibre-optic cable extended to your property, fill in our Fibre Enquiry  form and we will be happy to assess your property for installation options.