Employment Application

Are you, or have you been, known by any other name?

Applicants for this position should be legally entitled to work in New Zealand. If you are not a citizen, you should have NZ Residency or a valid NZ Work Permit.

Please select your residency status.
Have you ever been convicted of, or are awaiting a hearing, on any offences?
Do you have any commitments which may prevent you from attending your employment during normal working hours e.g. sporting commitments, family commitments, voluntary positions, and other paid work?
Are you prepared to work overtime as and when required?
Are you prepared to stay away from home as and when required?
Do you have any disability, illness, injuries which could affect your ability to work regularly?
Have you had any medical condition or injury which the tasks of this job may aggravate or contribute to?
Have you had any ACC claims/payments in the last seven years?

Please provide two referees (preferably past employers) who you give permission to be contacted by us.

Referee One

Referee Two

Do you have an electronic copy of your CV?

Employment History

Please start with current or most recent role.


Please include driving licenses.

I understand there may be a pre-employment medical examination as part of the pre-employment checks. This may include drug/alcohol and physical mobility and health tests.

I declare that I have completed all sections of this application truthfully.

I understand that if I am successful in this application that providing incorrect, false or misleading information or any material fact suppressed, may be grounds for the termination of my employment.

I hereby authorise that the recruitment panel responsible for the position I am applying for to contact referees listed above, prior to the notification of appointment to confirm my suitability for the position and to also seek confirmation of any details

I understand that EA Networks may want to seek further details regarding my ACC history and Criminal history.