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Application Forms

Employment Application                                      Online | PDF

Sponsorship & Community Application                  Online | PDF

Customer Feedback                                            Online | PDF

Electricity Network New Connection Request          Online | PDF

Electricity Network Alteration Connection Request  Online | PDF

Over-height Load Application                               Online | PDF

Close Approach Request                                     Online | PDF

Close Excavation Request                                   Online | PDF

Voltage Fluctuation Observation                           Online | PDF

Distributed Generation - 10 kilowatts or less         Online | PDF

Distributed Generation - above 10 kilowatts          Online | PDF


Contractors Information

Advice to Contractors                                         Online | PDF


Network Harmonics Information

Harmonic Process Chart                                      Online | PDF

Rural Network Harmonics Standard                      Online | PDF

Harmonic Compliance Form                                 Online | PDF


Network Information

Electricity Network – Use of Systems Agreement    

Fibre Network – Use of Systems Agreement                    

New Connections & Extensions Policy                    Online | PDF