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For everyone working at EA Networks, safety is more than just a priority, it is a core value. That means it is an integral part of every function of EA Networks organisation. No financial goal, work task or schedule demand is allowed to override the requirement for safety. This applies to everyone who works for, or contracts to EA Networks, including subcontractors.

To achieve such high standards of safety, EA Networks has committed to a comprehensive safety policy that includes:

  • Training - As well as on-site training for lines crews, all staff, including office staff and contractors, are required to attend regular Safety Day events.
  • Personal Protective Equipment - All crews working for EA Networks are provided with and required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes fire retardant overalls, safety glasses, insulated gloves, safety boots, safety helmets and all other safety equipment required for specific tasks.
  • Contractual Requirements - To ensure EA Networks safety standards are enforced at all times, every contractor working for EA Networks is required to accept and implement those standards as part of their contract for the work.

For more information, check out the WorkSafe NZ Energy Safety website.