Pricing changes from 1 April 2024


EA Networks’ annual reset of prices occurred on 1st April 2024.

This year the average price rise across all customer groups will be 6.8%. With network prices comprising about one-third of the average residential electricity bill, this would result in a change of about 2.5% when electricity retailers update their residential prices.

Being locally owned makes it more challenging when increasing cost pressures require prices to rise. “Unfortunately, we are not immune to the high inflationary cycle that is affecting our operating costs. We are seeing increasing cost pressures for traffic management and our ongoing efforts to control vegetation across the district,” said Alex Nisbet, Pricing Manager.

The company focuses on the fair and equitable allocation of costs across customer groups when setting prices each year. “Actual price changes will depend on customer type and how electricity retailers choose to pass through our costs, which include Transpower’s charges. Our prices reflect the costs we incur to deliver electricity to each customer group,” said Mr Nisbet.

Recognising the cost impacts on local customers, EA Networks has been working hard in the community to raise awareness to support energy efficiency initiatives. Last year the company partnered with Ecobulb and EECA to provide energy efficient light bulbs and energy saving devices to customers with similar efforts continuing this year.

“Supporting and educating our customers on how to be more energy efficient is a simple way to reduce the overall cost of electricity in our community. We also advocate checking that you’re on the right electricity plan, with the right retailer by shopping around or using Powerswitch to find the best deals,” said Mr Nisbet.

More information on this years price changes can be found here or you can contact our team directly with any questions on 0800 430 360.

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