Dangerous thefts could lead to deaths


Lines company EA Networks has seen an increasing trend in theft of cables from its network. This has prompted the company to raise its concern with the public and local police.

Thefts compromise the safety and reliability of the electricity network as essential earth cables are cut or removed. Earth cables are a crucial safety feature that ensure protective devices across the electricity network work properly.

But more concerning to EA Networks is the risk of death that can come from damage to critical cables and any direct contact with them.

Peter Armstrong, EA Networks’ General Manager Network, is concerned for the safety of the wider public as well as thieves. “We simply don’t want to have anyone harmed, or worse, killed, interfering with our electricity network,” said Mr Armstrong.

“If you are thinking of stealing electricity cables, just don’t, you are more likely to lose your life than make any money. It’s simply not worth it”.

Scrap metal traders have been advised to be vigilant and keep an eye out for suspicious trades of cables or scrap metal. The public are also asked to keep a watchful eye on anyone acting suspiciously around the electricity network.

“It will be obvious when EA Networks crews are operating on the network since our people will be in marked vehicles, typically surrounded by traffic management cones and signs, wearing branded high visibility clothing and mostly operating during office hours,” said Mr Armstrong. Any activity noticed beyond this should be reported to police immediately.

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